Gifts For Gay Men

Six gift boxes lined up with the wrapping paper and ribbons in the colours of the pride flag

It’s the perennial question: What on earth will I buy him? Whether you’re looking for something for a partner, a family member or a best friend, finding the right thing to give the gay man in your life used to be more challenging than going a whole week without seeing RuPaul on TV. But we’re here to help you to find better gifts for gay men. 


Not so long ago the only things on offer were t-shirts that were just a massive pride flag, but we do things differently. We make things that focus more on design, on celebrating identity. But most of all we make things that allow people to decide how, and how much, they want to identify. So there are things that he can wear, or take, anywhere and not feel like he’s announcing his sexuality to the world. Unless he wants to 😉. 


From tees to jackets and shoes to notebooks, we’ve got something for everybody. But the first step is to understand how ‘out’ he is and how much he wants to show it. 


So let’s take a look at a few of our favourite gifts for gay men: 

Gay Gifts

If you’re looking for something original and colourful we have a few gay gifts that will fit the bill perfectly. Clothing is always a popular option and a great t-shirt will go down a storm. But depending on the time of year the perfect gay gifts can also include sweaters or flip flops. But whatever time of year it is, a pair of squiggly rainbow high tops or a killer tote bag would most certainly be on the money. And our lovely Eco Tote Bag will hold daily shopping or a load of uni notes or work stuff.

Rainbow Gifts

As you’d expect from the shop called The Rainbow Stores, we have plenty of things with rainbows on. Rainbow gifts can be popular with many gay men, but others may not want anything that overt, so check first. 

Funny Gay Gifts

There’s always someone who loves a laugh or wants everyone else to have one as they walk past. Funny gay gifts will usually be t-shirt based, but we have other things that have a humorous theme. Who wouldn't want to wear some Rainbow Pride Love Me underpants, for goodness sake?

Subtle Gay Gifts

For many gay men their identity is certainly not something they want to share in public, so being able to offer some things that keep it low key, or even for them alone means you have some options that other shops won’t offer.  

Best Gay Gifts For Each Occasion

Are you looking for something for a particular occasion? For Christmas and birthdays obviously the options are pretty wide, but we've selected a few things here that would look great in an Xmas stocking or on Valentines day. 

Christmas Gifts For Gay Men

Christmas gifts for gay men can be tricky, but it all depends on how much you’d like to spend. If you're shopping for a secret santa gift we have awesome mugs and stickers, or for someone special go for a super slick pair of black leopard print shoes with a subtle rainbow up the back.  And of course there's the Pride Christmas Sweatshirt, the perfect thing to grace any Christmas day celebration. 

Valentines Gifts For Gay Men

When it comes to Valentine's gifts for gay men of course you’re looking for hearts and love. And we have both in abundance. Our Love Lines Hoodie knocks back the rainbow colours to create something that's not just a perfect winter wardrobe item but can be worn in any situation without being clearly a rainbow. And we have love hearts of all shapes and sizes. You can see our full love collection here

Wedding Gifts For Gay Men

OK so bear with us on this, because classic wedding gifts are things like toasters, duvet covers and cutlery. And we do have a fab little Mr & Mr Mug, but wedding gifts for gay men can also include clothes. Let's face it, if a honeymoon isn't just about eat, love, sleep repeat then what is it…?

Of course this is just a curated selection of what we have on offer. And there’s loads more clothing, accessories and home wear in the shop. But if you’re after gifts for that special man in your life we think we have it covered. 

If you're not sure what to buy him there's always our Rainbow Stores Gift Cards. They come in a range of values from £5 up to £100 and they never run out, so he can take his time to choose from any of our lovely ranges.

However, if you're looking for something personalised then we are more than happy to work with you and create something with his name on it just for you. If you message us at and let us know the product you're interested in then we'll do a unique design for you and you won't pay any more than the standard cost of the item.

So we wish you lots of luck in your search, if you didn't find anything from us that you thought was right, remember that we constantly have new products, designs and ranges being added, so bookmark us and hopefully you'll find something that's perfect for him next time. 

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